Everybody has the right to learn

Most of us, particularly those living in developed economies, now take the internet for granted. In the last 15 years, we have seen the number of connected users increase from 5.8% to 56.8% of the world population (Source: Internet World Statistics). As a result of this, we are also seeing a rapid growth in cloud-based eLearning content. But what about the 43% – the 3.2bn people who have no internet access?  At Learn Appeal, we cannot provide the internet, but we can help people learn offline.

Our challenge

Those who can connect to the internet are now able to access a wealth of learning opportunities literally at the touch of a button or a screen. This has benefits for those who can access these resources, but what about communities in remote locations where there is no mains electricity, never mind internet access? Is the growth of the internet, which is enabling learning for those that are connected, actually widening the educational divide with those that are not?  The McKinsey report: Offline and Falling Behind, Barriers to Internet Adoption quite clearly identifies some of the key problems.

Even in countries where connectivity is not a problem, there are still issues around providing targeted and appropriate learning content. Charities would like to provide clients with eLearning resources they can access using their own devices. However in the areas where charities operate, there are often network security issues and concerns regarding e-safety therefore providing open access to WiFi is not possible. Charities can and do offer cloud based resources but, unless free WiFi is available, this incurs data charges for the users.

So, the two key issues that Learn Appeal is addressing are:

  • How can we provide eLearning content to remote communities where they don’t have internet access or even mains electricity?
  • How can we help charities provide targeted learning resources in their centres that can be accessed by clients using their own devices?

Our solution:  The Learn Appeal Capsule

Your challenge

We need sponsors for Capsules, mobile devices and content that is relevant to the learners we want to support. Find out more about our projects and how to get involved by completing the following  contacting us form.