Top 10 fundraising tips

Fundraising with Learn Appeal is easy and a lot of fun. We’re here to help you as much as we can.

With a bit of planning, most people exceed their expectations by a long way and have a lot of fun in the process! Follow these ten simple steps for successful fundraising:


Work as a team

You will find that involving your family, friends and colleagues will help spread the load.
You will be able to be more creative by brainstorming ideas, sharing best practice, and responsibilities.


2Keep it simple!

Don’t overextend yourselves or try and do too much.
Stick to simple fundraising ideas, as these are easy to explain to others and also easy to organise.


3Plan ahead

Write a simple plan of the events you intend to do during the year and estimate how much you think you’ll raise from each event.



4Use publicity

This is really key to successful fundraising as you’ll find that the more people that are aware of your efforts, the more support you will get.



5Make it competitive!

It’s surprising what an element of competition can do to people!
If you haven’t already done so, include quizzes and competitions in your fundraising.


6Involve clients and suppliers

Think about involving your clients and suppliers – ask them to take part in raffles or sponsor you.



7Friends and family

Everyone can involve friends and family by asking them to sponsor you or attend your events.




A special event, or making fundraising part of an existing event, can be an excellent way of getting more people involved and may also provide good PR opportunities.


9Saying thank you

Remember to say thank you to everyone who supports your fundraising efforts.
Also let them know how much money you have raised – as this is another big motivator!



Don’t forget that you are not alone.
We will regularly share good ideas and keep you updated with what others are doing so that you stay inspired!


Download a pdf copy of our top 10 fundraising tips.