Taking e-learning Instructional Design to the next generation

How many of us who work in the e-learning industry can say ‘this was a career that I had planned when I was at school. It was something I always wanted to do.’? Our guess, probably zero! Almost everyone you ask will have a different story to tell and the usual reply is, ‘it happened by accident rather than design’.

Learn Appeal believe that this has to change. Our industry is growing and this means that we need to nurture and develop young talent. But how do you make that happen when most school students have never heard of e-learning, never mind Instructional Design? Learn Appeal and Appitierre were therefore delighted to have been part of a Career Day at Villiers High School.

It was fantastic to see the enthusiasm of the students during the workshop sessions. We hope that this will encourage more organisations to contact their local high schools and follow the example set by Villiers High School. You can read more about the sessions we ran in the Learning News PR.

Young people are our future. So if we want our industry to grow, we need to invest time now to develop and nurture talent in our industry!