Learn Appeal Capsule – The Magic Box

We can’t provide internet access but we can take elearning beneath the cloud and under the rainbow. The team at Appitierre have developed a technical solution for us that addresses all the challenges of offline learning and provides additional functionality.

The Learn Appeal Capsule contains a Raspberry Pi 3, houses a battery which will cope with at least 24 hours of constant use,  a WiFi router with a range of up to 300mtrs (with the option to upgrade this to increase range to 1km). It also has a capacity to manage between 150 and 200 concurrent users. All content is stored locally on an SD card, which can either be updated via the internet or by replacing the SD card.

The Capsule has been designed to consume very little power. It can be recharged via USB with any compatible power source.  This makes it suitable for use in sub-Saharan Africa in areas where they rely on solar or wind power to provide electricity.

The Capsule is also ideal for charities and other organisations who need to provide learning resources in a safe environment.  As the unit is stand-alone it is totally secure and therefore eliminates all e-safety concerns.

The software on the capsule is device responsive and can contain interactive and engaging elearning courses.  It also has a fully functional Learning Management System (LMS).  This means that learners can be grouped and allocated against subjects and courses, enabling personalisation. The LMS also has a community area. This functionality enables learners to have discussions, upload photos, videos and documents.  These can be shared with other connected learners and simulates an online environment. It can also store a range of off-line internet content, for example, Kahn Academy Lite, Wikipedia Lite, books and videos.

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