The Learn Appeal Capsule: Launching tomorrow in Kenya

We are delighted to announce that the Learn Appeal Capsule is going to be launched in partnership with Complitkenya tomorrow, Friday 18 May at a local event in Nyamira County. It’s been a challenge for Learn Appeal,  co-developers Appitierre, corporate supporters who have funded the project, volunteers from all over the world who have helped us create contextually relevant content, but we have done it!

Those of us who live in a world where we can get access to learning at the click of a button have very little understanding of what life is like to the 4.4bn people who don’t have the internet. That is until of course we hit a ‘dead zone’, then all we moan about is ‘why is there no internet’ or ‘why have the organisers of this event not sorted internet access’. Imagine living with that reality every day.

Learn Appeal cannot provide the internet, but we can provide access to learning without it. The Capsules have been uploaded with a range of courses and, from tomorrow, they will provide a fully interactive elearning experience to the disconnected in this community. Eric Kimori, CEO of Complitkenya, was simply amazed the first time he connected to the Capsule. 

In his own words, “I’ve never held in my hand such ‘a magic box’ which has the potential to revolutionize the world! We can offer e-courses to rural communities for free! No Internet required!”

This is only the beginning of our journey, so get involved by either completing one of the forms on our website or emailing

Together we can make a difference!