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Getting started

As well as Learn Appeal’s mission and vision of supporting the disconnected and disadvantaged, we are also passionate about growing and nurturing new talent in our industry.  If you were to ask most people in the elearning community how they got involved, we can almost guarantee they will say it was by ‘accident rather than design’.

This is beginning to change as more courses in Digital Learning Design are becoming available.  These include entry level qualifications, courses run by Professional Bodies, as well as Master’s programmes and Intern opportunities. However, one of the key questions always asked on application forms and at interview is ‘what experience do you have and how can you demonstrate this?’

Enter Learn Appeal!

We can offer those that want to build a career in digital learning the opportunity to get real ‘hands on’ experience of creating eLearning courses that will benefit the disconnected and disconnected.  Those new to our community can also benefit from connecting with very experienced Instructional Designers who are delighted to offer them support whilst the courses are being created.  As if that is not enough, Appitierre provide all Learn Appeal volunteers with free access to their authoring tool Evolve, which gives volunteers the opportunity to develop practical skills.  But don’t just take our word for it…

What the volunteers say!

Jessica Shang – Graduate and Research Assistant at Florida State University 

I worked on the Poultry Keeping course at Learn Appeal. This was my first time using the Evolve authoring tool to build an e-learning course. I feel so grateful that I met a group of passionate instructional designers here. They are very patient with my questions, very supportive and always sharing experiences with me. Their encouragement makes me feel like a big family. Working at Learn Appeal means to do what you love as well as benefit others.

Houra Amin – Freelance Instructional Designer

Completing my internship with Learn Appeal as part of my Master’s programme was a memorable and valuable experience.  Learn Appeal provided me with the opportunity to meet and get connected to inspiring people in the eLearning industry and really helped me to have a smooth transition from graduate school to professional life. On a personal level, it really tapped into my values to be part of a caring community that supports disadvantaged people by helping them learn vocational skills enabling them to make income and lead a better life. I was also very fortunate to meet Eric, the CEO of Complitkenya, in person when I was on holiday in Kericho, Kenya not long after completing my internship. Eric was so kind to show and explain how the work we do at Learn Appeal could actually change and improve the lives of the people and nurture their rural communities. I now know that the learners in rural Kenya have access to the courses created so far- what can be more rewarding?

Jamie Paddock – Intern at Unicorn Training

Volunteering with Learn Appeal as part of my work placement at an Unicorn really helped build my confidence at a time when I was unfamiliar with eLearning. Being able to help those in need on the other side of the digital divide is also a great experience. I highly recommend working with Learn Appeal.



eLearning companies also value volunteering at Learn Appeal


Unicorn Training has this to say “We are delighted to support Learn Appeal.  As a company we get so much from making a difference to the charities we support and we hope these courses will have a real impact in helping Learn Appeal achieve their aim of making eLearning available to all, which in turn can help change the lives of the people and communities they are supporting both at home and abroad.” You can read more about Unicorn’s support in the Press Release they issued in Learning News.

Get involved

So if you are thinking about a career in Digital Learning Design or any other aspect of Learning Technologies get in touch as Learn Appeal can help you while you help others.  Either complete the Get Involved form on the website.  Its by working together that we really can make a difference to those that need it the most!